The purpose of this site is to provide and share information within a community of people who share the interest of improving the quality of their lives. This will include practical application of your Christian faith, self-development, your way of thinking, habits and the effect it has on your life, health, and fitness…..the whole spectrum – spirit, soul and body..Profile Photo

Hi, my name is Jaco. Since my late teen years I have been…..well…..not only interested but fascinated by the human mind and the full human potential.

What is my purpose? What is my God-given potential? How can I achieve my full potential? What does it mean to say “I am saved by grace”, and “I have the favor of God in my life”? Why do we say we cannot be saved by our own good works, yet we need to do good works?

Have you ever asked any of these questions? Then read on.

The human mind is extremely powerful. When applied correctly, it provides each and every one of us with unlimited potential. But not knowing your own potential, it becomes easy to be manipulated or even intimidated by other people and/or circumstances. Instead of creating your own circumstances, you can easily become a product of your circumstances.It is also essential to know the Source of this potential and to give the honor and glory where it is due.

Whether you are employed by someone else, or whether you are self-employed, I believe achieving your full potential will always be to the benefit of others as well as yourself.

Many people are totally unaware of their own potential. With all due respect, this is often exploited by many employers, and such people end up being misused and ill-treated by these employers. Even when being employed by a company, if we are given the opportunity to live out our full potential, we will be capable of achieving so much more success even within (and for) that company. But often the people we work for are totally ignorant to this fact, and being caught up in the “rat race” for success, we end up with a society plagued with stress, anxiety, heart disease, depression, and many other symptoms. This even happens amongst many people who are self-employed!

I believe that if we could tap more into our God-given potential and create our goals around that, the earthly rewards will be added to us too because our heavenly Father knows we need these things (Matthew 6:25-34). If we can grasp that, we will no longer be victims to all the negative stress, anxiety, and other associated conditions.

I Believe We Can Achieve Success by Doing What We Love To Do.

All of the above mentioned symptoms can be traced back to the fact that people are doing what they do because they have to and not because they want to. It becomes a matter of survival; eventually it grows into “keeping up with the Jones’s”, with the illusion that the bigger houses and “flashy cars” are a sign of success! But wealth without health, no serenity, no love (often broken families), is not true success in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that money (and other material things) is not important. It is nice to have these things, but we should be able to enjoy it and not be intimidated by it.

I have reached a point where I feel it necessary to create a platform where a community of like-minded people can learn about their full potential and how to reach it. We need to learn about our true potential. Why should we do what we hate to do and seldom – if ever – enjoy any real success. Finding our true potential, doing something we enjoy doing (for the right reasons) and achieve success – even creating a lifestyle we have only been dreaming about -, now that sounds like a better option to me.

Personally, I have had both successes and failures in my own life. I believe if you show me a man who has never made any mistakes, you will show me a man who has never really tried anything.

I started my career as a police officer back in 1979. After 4 years I resigned and started a career as a martial arts instructor, which I actively practiced until the year 2000. Between 1985 and 2000, I owned and managed my own schools. Since the year 2000, I have been employed by companies, and have also owned and managed other business endeavors. Currently, I have decided to focus my energy on blogging and writing articles, developing and growing into my full potential, assisting as many people as I can to join me on this journey to the top!

The purpose of this site is to discuss my own experiences and share the knowledge that I have gained over the years. I will share what I have learned from my own life experiences, mentioning and discussing books available on the subject and share information about courses available and known to me.

Visit this site regularly, as more categories will get added and the site will be updated constantly with relevant articles and posts.

Secondly, I would like to invite you to share your own experiences and knowledge and to get involved in discussions on this site.

I am looking forward to getting your input!