Before You Start Setting Goals, Change Your Thinking

Before You Start Setting Goals, Change Your Thinking

The big hype during this time of year is normally all the New Years Resolutions, but very few of these will actually be achieved. In order to be successful with any goal setting (or New Years Resolutions) you first need to change your thinking.

Consider the following:

  • It needs to be a goal you want to achieve, not because you have to.
  • It must be your own goal. It is very unlikely for you to achieve any goal when it is based on what someone else think you should do.
  • It should be realistic and achievable. Thinking about the goal, can you see yourself achieving such a goal?
  • Set realistic deadlines. Be realistic with a date to start working towards the goal. What impact does your daily routine have on the actions you need to perform in order to achieve this goal? Are your deadlines for achieving the goal realistic? Don’t expect to become a millionaire within the next six months when you’re starting from scratch.
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal? How will it change your life? How will it make the world a better place? When you know your ‘why’, it is much easier to keep your mind focused and maintain your motivation.
  • Have you thought about any obstacles you might face along the way?
  • Think about the cost. What will it cost you to achieve this goal? Think about finances as well the effect it might have on you and your family.

I have recently written a guest post titled ‘It’s Time To Change at Philipscom. This post is all about change, and how you can bring about change in your life when you change your thinking. If you don’t believe in your ability to achieve the goal, or if you try to achieve 101 different goals all at the same time without thinking it through, you might just end up quitting before you achieve any of your goals.

Read the article and then re-think your goals.

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