Did You Know This About Your Brain?

Did You Know This About Your Brain?


human potentialI recently stumbled onto an old magazine of my wife and looking at the cover, there was a title about “getting your brain in balance” that captured my attention!

I immediately picked up the magazine and looked up the article. It was about brain treatment, but I found some very interesting facts about the brain.

Interesting Facts About The Brain

  1. When an individual experienced trauma at some stage, it is being stored in the brain and affects the way conflict is handled in future. As an example, when someone has experienced the trauma of rejection, and has to face a situation of conflict, there is a great possibility that such a person would freeze, not being able to respond immediately, but realize at a later stage “what I should have said” or “what I should have done”.
  2. Infringement-traumas which can be either emotional or physical or when being physically injured. Physical injuries or when being “bullied”, can lead to a “fight- or flight” response.
  3. Excessive stress can even change brain-cells, which can influence brain structures and functions.
  4. While being awake, your brain generates between 10 and 23 W of power, which is enough to power a light-bulb.
  5. Neurons develop at speed of 250 000 neurons per minute during early pregnancy.
  6. There are no pain receptors in the brain, thus the brain can feel no pain.
  7. A portion of the brain, named the “amigdala” (not sure if this is the correct English term, but I could find no other), provides us with the ability to “read” emotions on other people’s faces.
  8. There is an extremely strong connection between body and spirit.It is estimated that between 50-70% of doctor’s consultations for physical ailments, have been caused by psychological origins.
  9. Every time when a person has a new idea or recall a memory, the brain forms a new link.
  10. Memory is formed by association. When you want to remember something, create an association with something to improve your memory.
  11. “Anomy” is the word is the word being used to describe that typical “it is on the tip of my tongue” experience, when you are on the brink of remembering something, but you just can’t recall the facts.

It might be a good idea to keep these facts in mind and realize the incredible potential and power available to each and every one of us! Let’s take responsibility and make the best of it!

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