Don’t Do It for the Love of Money.

Don’t Do It for the Love of Money.

Whatever you do, don’t do it for the love of money. If money is your only motivator, you may have to reconsider. Money can be a hard task-master.

What are you motives? Do you just want to do it for the love of money? Or do you want to make the world a better place? Maybe you want to provide for your family. What about investing or making provision for a bright future and retirement?

There is nothing wrong with having money and using it wisely. Yet, it is disturbing to see how many people are putting up with lack while abundant supply is within their reach.

Many people are barely getting by from pay-check to pay-check. They find themselves in this situation due to confusion and a lack of knowledge. With many of us, this mentality developed during childhood. We were brought up with the idea that we need to be dependent on a salary check alone. We believe that we need to get by with the bare minimum in order to remain humble. To aggravate the situation, the Bible also gets miss-quoted when people tell you that the Bible says ‘money is the root of all evil’. That is simply not true. Money is a tool.  By the way, the Bible says it is ‘the love of money that is the root of all evil’ (1 Timothy 6:10).

Do You Do It For The Love of Money; or Is Money a Tool In Your Hands?

When television first came out in South Africa, I often heard people saying that television is evil. This was due to a lack of knowledge and suddenly having access to some bad programs.

The point is; it is not the television set that is evil, it is what you are using it for. You decide what you want to watch and what is not appropriate to watch. You cannot blame a lifeless television set for what you are watching?

Then the internet came on the scene and now the internet was evil. If it’s not the internet, it’s social media. Suddenly it’s the internet and social media that are responsible for the lowering of moral values and the high divorce rate. What happened to taking responsibility for our own actions?

The question is; what you are using it for? Television, the internet and social media are all tools in the hands of human beings. You decide what you are going to use it for. All these tools are also being used to educate people. It is being used to spread the Good News of the Gospel and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

Who Is The Master and Who Is The Slave?

Money is no different. You can become a slave to money and do whatever you do for the love of money. Or you can take control and use money as a tool to work for you. It is your choice.

We cannot avoid the fact that we all need money to survive. If you want to make a donation to your church, you need money. Supporting your favorite charity organization needs money. Providing a decent education for your children needs money. Putting a roof over your head to provide shelter for your family needs money.

So whatever you do, whether for business or pleasure, you need money. Whether you want to just treat yourself and your family or support some charity organization, you need money.  Money is a tool that you will use to do it with.

What Is Money To You?

When it comes to how people approach money, we can divide it into four groups:

  1. People who would love to have some money. They dream about success, but they live in fear of money because they think money is evil:

    These people will secretly dream about success and having the means to accomplish their goals in life. They would love to freely give and support charity organizations, yet they hardly have anything to give. They seldom achieve any of their goals because they live in fear of either being labeled as worldly and greedy, or the fear of having too much money as being the doorway to evil. This is a very difficult place to be in. You always have to battle with feelings of guilt.

  2. People who openly confess that they don’t want or need money and they believe that is the way to stay humble:

    This is the typical scenario where someone would say that as long as they have a roof over the head they are happy. As long as they have some clothes to wear and food to eat, they are happy. They are willing to cope with only the bare necessities. With all due respect, this is basically focusing on your own needs only. To have abundance, doesn’t mean you have to live an extravagant lifestyle. While you can live a very simple, down-to-earth lifestyle, you can use your abundance to bless people around you who are in desperate need. You can contribute to various organizations and really make a huge difference in the world around you.

  3. Greedy people who would do anything to get money:

    This is the group of people who make no secret of their love for money. They would be willing to do anything just for the sake of getting or making more money. There is no consideration for other people and they normally just want everything for themselves. They often don’t care if any harm comes to other people in the process. As long as they can make profit; it is ‘all systems go’. This is normally the group where you get the impression that as long as there is a possibility of getting more, they will never be satisfied and never have enough. This is the group where I normally tend to say; “You don’t own any money. Money owns you.” This is what I believe the Bible refers to as ‘serving mammon’.

  4. Successful people who have more than enough and they see money as a tool working for them:

    These are the people who are not shy about their ambitions. They take initiative, set goals and put their money to work for them. They are givers and they contribute to the welfare of society to make the world a better place. They apply wisdom and discipline in their financial affairs.

Don’t Work for Money; Let Your Money Work for You.

Education is crucial and everybody should be entitled to good, quality education. But as Roberts Kiyosaki points out, as a norm, we don’t get financially educated in our schools.

What we don’t realize, is that each and every one of us, is the CEO of his own life. Even while you are still single, you need tofor the love of money provide for accommodation, clothing and food. As you progress in life, you may decide to get married and now you need to provide for both you and your spouse and it becomes a team effort. Then you progress to having a family, so you need to think about providing for education.

Then, as we approach retirement age, it is commonly accepted that we should start scaling down and you need to get by with a reduced income. Why? Why should we scale down? Why should we become less relevant in contributing and making the world a better place?

By educating yourself financially you will soon learn that you don’t always have to work for your money and you can make your money work for you. When you gain this knowledge, you start realizing that once you reach what people call ‘retirement age’, you can actually really start enjoying life more to the full and be productive while having fun.

We All Have To Start Somewhere.

Yes, we all have to start working to generate an income. But when generating income, don’t work for money. Work to learn. Aim to gain knowledge and educate yourself. As soon as you start receiving those first pay checks, start applying what you have learned. Learn how to operate a budget and learn about investing. Get familiar with ways that you can put your money to work for you. Use your money to create passive income for you.

For as long as you are scared of money, or for as long as you only want to have enough to get by, you will work for money.

So, is money evil? I suppose it depends on who is handling it at the time. Money will work for whoever is using it. It depends on where you put it to work and how you put it to use. You have the authority and you should determine what your money should be doing. Apply wisdom, use it well and make your money work for you.

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