The First Year – Getting Established.

The First Year – Getting Established.

Welcome to this summary of what has happened in my first year.

This post is a summary of how my online journey started, what has happened in my first year, the progress I have made, and what I would like to share with you on my sites in future.first year

Online Communities

It was in the latter half of 2014 that I’ve decided to investigate the possibilities of the internet. I’ve always had the dream of being able to work from wherever I want. To be able work from anywhere I might find myself in the world.

I started interacting with some internet communities and got involved with a beta testing group from the Reinvention University. I participated in some group discussions and started posting some posts on their Face Book page. It soon became apparent that I enjoy the writing experience and I decided to start blogging.

The Victory Lifestyle

With no experience in blogging, I started blogging on the free WordPress platform, using it as a training platform. Going through my personal bookshelf, I decided to study the book An Enemy Called Average by John L. Mason. I decided to take the nuggets from the book and create my own content around each topic in the form of discussions about these nuggets. Although this was just an exercise to get some practice, it wasn’t too long before I started receiving some regular visitors who showed up weekly.

Domain Registration

As we started 2015 I decided to register my own domain name and officially start blogging. On 30 January 2015, I registered my own domain as, and I was on my way.

I’ve always been interested and fascinated by how our minds work and the effect our thinking have on the quality of our lives, so I started writing about that.

In the mean time I also joined other blogging communities such as the ABC community of Aha!NOW, and I started making friends. That led to receiving more visitors to my blog posts – both at Victory Lifestyle as well as my personal site.


By May 2015 I could feel the frustration coming on. I didn’t show any growth. I started reading any article about blogging that I could lay my hands on. I downloaded every available PDF. It wasn’t too long before I started to experience what everybody knows so well – information overload. I was taking in so much information, yet I had no idea where to start. Who do I listen too?

Somebody gave the advice to start building a list before I continue adding content to my site. This didn’t make sense to me. How do I build a list with nothing to offer the subscribers?

I kept posting on the Victory Lifestyle, but by end of May 2015 things started stagnating on my personal site as I stopped adding content. I needed to get clarity of mind.

October 2015

During this time I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He mentioned something about a video he watched about finding your passion and writing about it. It came out that you need to look at your private bookshelf; if you regard yourself as being passionate about something; you need to have at least five books on the subject.

With that in mind, it is no problem for anybody to see what my main passion is. At least eighty percent of my books are on the subject of faith. Many of my books are about the human potential and the human mind, but even that is approached from an angle of faith.

So the one thing led to the next, and a new site – – got registered and it was launched on 12 October 2015.

November 2015.

While being involved with the blogging community over at ABC of Aha!NOW, I met a popular fellow Christian blogger by the name of Yvonne I. Wilson. She started blogging back in January 2012 at Empowerment Moments Blog which is her online ministry to share the Word of God worldwide.

During the early days of November I reached out to her discussing the possibility of a guest post which I felt would be relevant to her community. To cut a long story short, it ended up in Yvonne inviting me to become a regular contributor at Empowerment Moments Blog.

My first guest blog ever was published and well received at Empowerment Moments Blog on 16 November 2015. The title of the article was “6 People Who Have the Guts to Put God First, No Matter What other People Say”.

In Future I Would Love To Share Practical Ways to Keep Your Mind Renewed and Motivated.

Your Mind Renewed will be focused on our thinking habits and how our thoughts influence our daily life. It will be about applying Biblical principles in a practical way in everyday life. For example, you can expect to see topics such as; how to remain positive and motivated in a negative world; how to keep your faith strong in a world of chaos and violence; how to hear from God….and much more.  

The plan is to also discuss various books on the topic of faith to assist you in your Bible study and help to build your faith. I would like to post one book review each month and maybe include a bestselling booklist for you once every quarter.

The Victory Lifestyle will continue at least until the 52 nuggets have been discussed. Once that has been completed, I’ll investigate the possibility of a new theme to be discussed or whether the readership should be incorporated to Your Mind Renewed.

What Work, What Doesn’t and Why – Keep Track of Growth With the Practical Stuff From My Personal Site

Jaco Alberts:

Here from this site I’ll keep track on the activities on other sites and any projects that I’m busy working on. I will also share bloggingfirst year strategies and tools that I use.

The focus will be on a wider range of subjects and products. I will also include updates regarding any guest posts that were published on other sites.

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