“What If I Don’t Make It?”

“What If I Don’t Make It?”


Yes, the New Year is upon us and New Year’s resolutions are the talk of the day again! To many of us this is an SDC17967exciting process, to other’s it is just fun and often ends up in daydreaming (just talking with no commitment), and then there are people who are getting sceptical about having any New Year’s resolutions at all.

They have areas in life where they know they can do with improving. They have been setting goals frequently. Every year they have had those New Year’s resolutions, and they have never achieved anything. They are now confronted with the question: “What if I don’t make it…… (again)?” Well, I would like to ask this question: “What if you do make it?”

“Guaranteed” Is So Much Better Than “Maybe”

We are all constantly facing our own “maybe” situations! How we respond to them makes the difference.

We often would prefer to wait until conditions are perfect. We need to know for certain that we will be successful before taking any action. We want to know every little detail of every event or circumstance that might have an effect on the outcome of our project. We want guaranteed success!

This is often what guarantees failure even before we start. We think we act this way to reduce any risk involved, or minimize risk to the minimum! The risk I am referring to need not even be risk of losing anything. What is often seen as “risk” is just the fear of failure. If the goal is to lose weight, or stop smoking, we often face the fear of not achieving the “goal weight”……or we might be successful in ending the smoking habit for two or three months, before we give in to temptation to light up the next cigarette again.

We also might have a financial goal, such as starting a savings plan, or starting a new business venture.

The fact that we need to realize, is that we are faced with much more “maybes” in life that guarantees! We need to develop enough courage to face these “maybe” situations and turn them into successes.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the mastery of fear!” – Jentezen Franklin

What to Do When Faced With a Maybe

Now that we know we are faced with more “maybes” than “guarantees”, what should we do when confronted with our “maybes”?

Firstly, we should recognize the fact that by doing nothing, we do guarantee failure! Everything in life starts with a decision. So, irrespective of what our goal might be, we need to make a conscious decision about what it is what we would like to achieve. Whether you want to quit a bad habit, start a savings plan or start that new business you have been dreaming about……make the decision.

Once you have made the decision, start doing some homework. Investigate different possibilities. Think back over the past year (or more) about actions you have taken that did not deliver the desired result. This is where we need to adopt the no failure attitude. I know this may sound silly, but whenever you took action and it didn’t produce the desired result, don’t see it as failure. You were successful in learning what will not work to achieve the desired result. So never repeat that action. This is where it becomes so beneficial when we can also network with other people aiming for similar goals to our own. In this way we can leverage the knowledge and experience of like-minded people and save a lot of time by avoiding useless action or worthless programs.

Finally investigate different opportunities or action steps that you can take to get you closer to your ultimate goal. Determine any risk involved, and start planning accordingly.

Take Action

After making the decision, taking stock of past actions, investigating and considering actions to be taken, it is now time to take action!

We can be a member of the best program in the world, or we can have the most impressive action plan known to mankind, if we don’t take action it is all in vain and we are doomed to failure.

So this is where the rubber hits the road and where it makes the difference between “I will make it” or “what If I don’t make it”?

So what if my first plan of action is not going to make it? Get rid of it and start working on the next step. We will never know if we are going to make it until we start trying!

In summary:

  1. Realize that we are faced with more “maybes” than “guarantees”.
  2. Do not give in to fear, but conquer over it.
  3. Know that by doing nothing, we guarantee failure.
  4. Make a conscious decision about what it is you want to achieve.
  5. Take stock of actions taken over the past year or more and determine what worked and what didn’t work.
  6. Look for opportunities and determine action steps (however small they may be, but make a start) that will bring you closer to your goal. What action can you take now that is related to your goal? Take Action!

Now it is time to get out of here and start working on those New Year’s resolutions (Goals)!

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  1. Hi Jaco,,
    Tanks for this timely bit of advice and encouragement. You have hit the nail on the head. Sometimes we don’t attempt our goals in case we fail.. I can think of a few off the top of my head!
    Notes taken – resolves made!
    Happy New Year 🙂

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