Why it is Important to Know Your True Identity

Why it is Important to Know Your True Identity

Your identity has actually become something to protect these days. Not only do we have to protect ourselves against physical crimes such as robbery, theft and violence, but even identity theft has become a real threat.

But how familiar are you with your true identity?

Yes, when you introduce yourself, you don’t need to think twice; you know your name, your address and where your family is from. But who are you really? What is your true identity? Why are you here? What are you capable of?identity

Can you overcome any problem that life throws at you? Do you live with a purpose? Are you on your way to reaching your full potential or do you just feel like the next John Doe?

Problems Are Stepping Stones – But To What Extent?

We often hear the experts telling us to see our problems as stepping stones. “Don’t see it as a problem, see it as a ‘stepping stone’ to get closer to your goal”, they say.

It’s good advice but sometimes it’s easier said than done. That problem can be a real crisis, and especially while facing it; it might not be so easy to say “okay, let’s make this a stepping stone”.

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The Embarrassment of a Bridegroom

In John 2 the Bible tells us about a wedding that took place in Cana.

Imagine this happened on a wedding today, now, in our modern times.

If there is one day in your life you want to be perfect, it’s your wedding day. When the wedding date arrives, it’s a bit late for ‘stepping stones’.

Can you imagine the response of the bride if this would happen on her wedding day?

She has done all the necessary preparation. The venue and the decorations, the wedding dress, the fittings, the invitations, the menu, etc….while the bridegroom was responsible for the wine.

Everything goes smooth and everybody is having a good time. Then……you get informed that there is not enough wine…

Do you think the bride will remain very happy? I wonder.

Yet, on the other side, can you imagine the embarrassment of the bridegroom? Over and above the crisis on hand….if there is one day you want to impress your bride; it’s on your wedding day.

If You Know Your True Identity, A Crisis Can Turn Into An Opportunity

Lucky for the couple in Cana, Jesus was one of the invited guests at the wedding. We serve a great God. Not only because nothing is too big for Him, but nothing is too small for Him either. He will even pay attention to the smallest detail in our lives.

Jesus stepped in and saved the bridegroom from his crisis.

The reason why we often fail to see problems as opportunities is the fact that we still try to do everything in our own power. As in the case of the bridegroom from Cana, it was a bit late to turn this problem into a stepping stone. But it wasn’t too late for an opportunity. It created an opportunity to have faith in Jesus.

Jesus instructed the servants to fill the six water jars with water. I have it on good authority that this was about 600 liters of water in today’s terms. This just didn’t make sense, but they obeyed and did as He told them too. Then Jesus turned that water into the best wine.

Measured in today’s terms again, that works out to about 757 bottles of the best wine. You would need a whole orchard to produce that quantity of wine. Not only that, numerous chemical reactions would need to take place over a period of about three years, yet Jesus produced it in a matter of seconds.

This proves that Jesus can take the simplest substance on earth and turn it into something incredible.

What We Can Learn From This?identity

I totally agree with the concept of seeing your problems (or challenges) as stepping stones.

But it is also wise to not only rely on your own power and abilities. We tend to look horizontally all the time. Maybe it’s time for us to start looking vertically, upwards.

Learn more about your identity in Christ. Realize that your body is a temple of God and the Holy Spirit is inside of you. Once we pay more attention to that reality, and allow Jesus to work through us, I am convinced that we will not only see our problems as stepping stones, but as opportunities to put our faith into action.

In John 14:12 (NIV), Jesus says; “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father”.

Know Your Identity

We all need to grow, but as soon as we choose the right foundation to grow from, no challenge or problem will be too big to overcome. See what He can do in your life.

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